with confidence.

Inside this book,
you'll learn a simple framework
that guides you to focus
on what matters in your life.

Here's what people are saying...

"How do I get unstuck? I've been asked that question many times in 22 years of ministry. The next time I'm asked that question, I'm giving that person this book."

-- A. A. Dicks, Jr., Senior Pastor of Mount Zion Church, SC

"By using the Compass Form framework, I have been able to tap into a big piece of my life that I thought had been abandoned."

-- Scott Allan, Bestselling Author of Fail Big and Undefeated

"Whether personally or professionally, if you are currently feeling STUCK, this is the book for you! I love how the book talks about focus and perspective."

-- Blake Templeton, Amazon Customer

"Instead of trying to know everything and figure everything out beforehand (which obviously isn't possible though we may try), this book showed me the value of taking a small step."

-- NGP, Amazon Customer

"Not only was it incredibly practical but very insightful as to how we can focus to overcome those situations that keep us from moving forward. This book gives a new perspective on what is possible in life."

-- Phil Sauerbrun, Amazon Customer

"Pick up the book if you feel you need a jumpstart in direction, courage and answer your call to be the best person you want to be - for yourself and those you love."

-- Ian VL, Amazon Customer

"This is a good book. It'll help you look at your life as a whole package deal as opposed to little bits here and there that need fixing."

-- Unknown, Amazon Customer

Engage the world
in a simple way,
and experience
new results.

When you apply Compass Form
this book’s simple framework,
you will know how to navigate uncertainty
and settle on the right direction for your life.

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