If you're
thinking about
"what to do next?"
it means...
you aren't
doing it.

Get clarity in what's next for you
and guidance on how-to to follow
the direction your life needs to go.

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Focus on
what matters
and get the life
you want.

There will be moments
of indecision in your life.

Slowing down,
to examine the situation,
will get you to the place
where you can get
what you want done.

When this happens...
you will no longer be stuck.

Why Life Coaching helps...

Often people focus on an idea that they'd like to see happen.
When it doesn't come to reality, it feels like they have lost their way.
Taking a step without knowing the outcome is a challenge,
but it doesn't have to be that complicated.

You can decide on the best direction to take for your life.

"Coaching helps guide you to see what is not in plain site."


What is happening right now?


Where do you want to go?


How can you get there?

Here's what people are saying...

"How do I get unstuck? I've been asked that question many times in 22 years of ministry. The next time I'm asked that question, I'm giving that person this book."

-- A. A. Dicks, Jr., Senior Pastor of Mount Zion Church, SC

"By using the Compass Form framework, I have been able to tap into a big piece of my life that I thought had been abandoned."

-- Scott Allan, Bestselling Author of Fail Big and Undefeated

"Whether personally or professionally, if you are currently feeling STUCK, this is the book for you! I love how the book talks about focus and perspective."

-- Blake Templeton, Amazon Customer

"Instead of trying to know everything and figure everything out beforehand (which obviously isn't possible though we may try), this book showed me the value of taking a small step."

-- NGP, Amazon Customer

"Not only was it incredibly practical but very insightful as to how we can focus to overcome those situations that keep us from moving forward. This book gives a new perspective on what is possible in life."

-- Phil Sauerbrun, Amazon Customer

"Pick up the book if you feel you need a jumpstart in direction, courage and answer your call to be the best person you want to be - for yourself and those you love."

-- Ian VL, Amazon Customer

"This is a good book. It'll help you look at your life as a whole package deal as opposed to little bits here and there that need fixing."

-- Unknown, Amazon Customer

Invest in the right path for you...

The first step in personal development is to clarify the challenge
then focus on a single direction
and finally make certain the direction of the journey
is known...and taken.

Single Session Coaching

It's a simple one-hour conversation.

Experience the difference life coaching can make for you without any obligation!


1:1 Life

A step by step plan to work through the bigger challenges
for a longer term.

Weekly hour sessions for
three months.


Relationship Coaching

It's difficult to solve your own struggles.

The complexity increases when others people are involved,
whether at home or in business.


It's time...
make the change to
the life you've wanted
before it's too late.

Get clarity in what's next for you
and guidance to follow the direction
your life needs to go.

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Introducing Pay What You Want Coaching

It can be difficult to make the changes you want,
but not everyone is in a great spot financially.
So, I built in a percentage of time to provide coaching
for those who are in a tough spot.

This is why an alternate path for coaching was created...
it's called "Pay What You Want Coaching".

Here's how it works:
You tell me what you want to pay for coaching (and you can pay that).
You get five one-hour sessions for five consecutive weeks.
That's it. No strings attached.
(please note that due to the amount of requests received there is a wait-list)

Here's how to enroll:
1. Click the button below to let me know you are interested in the program
2. Reply to the email that gets sent out
3. Write a few lines about about what specifically you want to work on
4. Let me know what you want to pay